What are customers saying?

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your outstanding service. My order was due to arrive today, and it arrived about 1 yesterday. Was left in my porch with no problem. When I opened the box and saw the trays of mice and rats, my initial thought was, “$%#@!, I’ve got a block of mice.” I set them on the counter to thaw a bit from the dry ice. When I opened the package, as you well know, they were not a block but individuals. Very nice. Shadow (2’ male albino burm) gulped down 3 in record time.

You have all my business from now on. You beat (Company Name Has Been Edited) hands down.
I’ll give you a plug on albinoburmese.com.

Thanks again for an outstanding product.


I just had to stop in the middle of a feeding session to thank you. Just as food and water are the staples of human life, of course rodents are the sole foundation of my career.

I have been impressed lately with the quality of your rodents. Not just lately, but all along. It just occurs to me more and more that the pinks I keep feeding to my snakes this past year are so consistently the exact sizes I need. I’m rambling so I’ll just cut to the chase. I thank you profoundly for the quality of your products and services. It’s a pleasure to do business with you and call you my friend.


In our business “no news is good news”, but I still like to report deliveries. Got the pinks yesterday and they were frozen solid. Ya did it again. Perfect products delivered with perfect service. They say you’ll never appreciate the sun unless it rains. I had some pretty crappy rodent suppliers over the years so I’m constantly reminded that you are providing me with the best product and service I’ve ever had, we appreciate that very much.

Don and Tammie

Myself and my partner Leland S. wanted to let you know that our rodents arrived yesterday evening. The rodents were still frozen and they were well packaged. We are both impressed with the shipment as well as the fact they are vacuum packed and not zip locks. We will be placing an order totaling around $600 or more in late February and we will go through you. My buddy M. Adams recommended you and I am more than pleased. Thanks for everything.

J. Henderson and L.K.Serl

Thanks again for the excellent service. The order actually arrived overnight, and the mousies were frozen solid! My orders are few and far between and are small in terms of dollar amounts, but you will defiantly have my business from now on. It’s nice to know that your company provides such good service regardless of how small the order is!


Thanks buddy, they arrived in good shape and look delicious… At least from Boliver’s standpoint.

Steve/ El Paso

I recently placed my first order with you guys and was very happy with the quality. Your rodents last MUCH longer than my previous suppliers as far as staying fresh and not decomposing before my eyes. Therefore whether or not my last supplier had anything to do with my parasite outbreak I will order from you guys from now on.

T. Stevens

Thanks for the great service ! Got my order as promised with no problems!


My order arrived today and I am impressed! The product was presented wonderfully; very clean and compact, and are of very uniform sizes from what I can see. After using, for lack of better work, your competition, I am ecstatic with your service and will be ordering from you again.


Mice arrived on Friday just as you promised. Kids loved the dry ice. Snakes loved the delicious dinner. Thanks.


The shipment you send arrived safe and frozen solid. Thank you. These are the nicest mice I’ve seen and I’m so glad I found you folks.

R. James/Woodlands Wildlife

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived! And I want to thank everyone at “Big Cheese Rodent Factory” for the great product and service!! Thank you!
Have a good one!

K. Zweerink

I got the package today and I am very pleased to have done business with you all! Everything was perfect.

C. Chandler

I received my order yesterday. I’m very pleased with the freshness and sizes of your products. Most importantly, so are my snakes!


Just a note of thanks and satisfaction after placing and receiving my first order from you. I ordered 500 fuzzy mice and not only did they come in a day earlier than expected, they were packed beautifully. Also a nice, healthy looking product. Good job……….I’ll be coming back to you folks again.
Thanks for the great service.

D. Ewing

I would just like to let you know I got my order today of 50 pinks and 50 adult mice and everything is great. Great service and I appreciate it. Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

M. Easter

Thank you for great service as always I’m glad I found your company I have heard bad things about other companies. I’m glad I used you first and was able to get quality product and not deal with some of the stories I have heard.


Recently my boyfriend J.. Sickels, Jr. purchased frozen rodents from you. I wanted to take a moment to compliment your company.

The rodents we purchased were fresher than the ones we have bought from another source and there was no fecal matter stuck to them. This may seem like a given to a company like yours but trust me it is not the norm and your attention to this is greatly appreciated. I also like the packaging much better than the standard zip lock baggies which tend to become brittle when packed on dry ice thus requiring that they be double bagged on receipt. This along with the clearly printed and easy to read packing slip made storing and checking our order much easier that it was with our previous supplier. The biggest compliment I have is your prompt response! The order was emailed on a weekend and you called to confirm on Monday!!!! This is very much appreciated sine our previous supplier took weeks to confirm and it often required numerous phone calls to find out if our order was received. Delivery was also prompt and on time.

It is rare to get any feedback other than negative from customers in this day and age so I just wanted to share my positive experience. We look forward to doing business with Big Cheese in the future.

P. Robinson, Serpentmutations

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived here in NC and all items were still frozen solid with extra dry ice to spare. I really appreciate it and you will have business from now on I will also tell my snake friends too so maybe they will switch over.

T. Adams

Hi Chad, I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks. Thanks for providing great product and service. My order arrived in one day, a full day ahead schedule. Frozen solid, properly packed, and clean. Look forward to doing more business with you.

J. Quinones

Just letting you know that the shipment of feeder was just deliver and everything was just great. We have two hatchling corn snakes to feed and the availability of frozen feeders in the area is sporadic. Now we know we will have plenty of food for them as they grow.

B. Hayward

Order arrived safe and sound this afternoon and all looks great. Thank you for the great service and count me in as a repeat customer.

R. Pray

Thank you for perfect delivery. I received 75 rat pups, all still frozen.

J. Horowitz

I received my 50 pinkies and 25 fuzzies today. I was worried that they would thaw before I could get them in the freezer, but they were still frozen solid hen I opened the box. The mice look to be in great condition! One problem I have found in store- bought pinkies is that some of them are missing limbs. As far as I can ( I haven’t opened the vacuum pack yet) them mice all have all of their arms and legs. Thank you so much for your great service. You can expect future orders!


The shipment arrived yesterday in fine shape. Perfect.

C. Elsmann

Mice have arrived rock hard stone cold dead and look very nice. Thanks very much!


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I received my order today as scheduled. The rat pinks look great and I am very pleased with my first order from you folks. Thank you and have a Happy New Year! You will be getting more business from me in the future.

D. Proffer

I got my order last week a day early and your Rats were packed nicely. Yes, and still Frozen 🙂 and seem to be pretty darn fresh 🙂 This was my first order from you guys and I’m very happy. I’m sure I will order from Big Cheese Rodents again.

T. Denicola

Thanks for the recent order. You guys did a great job with packing and shipping. The best quality that I have received so far, plus shipping charges are not astronomical like others (Company Name Has Been Edited). I will definitely be buying from you again in the future.

J. Fry

I placed my order and received my order in perfect condition. Thanks for your help, looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Just got my order. Frozen solid. The mice look fantastic! I appreciate you working with me and being able to ship this week in time for my weekend feedings! Your competitors should take not to your practices and do the same. Ordering and having to wait several weeks before shipping is ridiculous!

Anyways thanks a million… you have saved the week for my collection! I’ll be doing business with you again!

P. Quigley

Hi, just wanted to say that our rodents arrived today. Wednesday the 21st. You guys have outstanding rodents. After buying from a petshop the last few years, I’ve seen the light. There is o comparison. My snakes ate like they’d never had a meal before, LOL

S. and L. Craig

We received the mice last week and are very happy with them. Thanks a lot for making this so easy, and I’ll be happy to give you my business when we need feeders in the future.

T. Brandt

I just received my package in the mail today. Thank you for your fast response and quick shipping. The product arrived in excellent condition.

A. Robles

Thanks buddy. You guys are always quick to get them out and it is much appreciated. I try to keep extras, but with breeding season, they eat quite a lot of mouses Ha!! They all look good and appropriately sized. All of you do a great job for the herpers. Much appreciated.


I just want to thank Big Cheese for their great products and awesome service. I have been ordering from them since 2007 and every order from my first one to this past one has been nothing but perfect. The rodents look good, are clean, vacuum sealed, and are robust as they should be in size. Thank you again for being a great and dependable supplier. Best wishes from sunny Florida.

Yaz M.