Our mice, rats, and day-old chicks are raised in a clean, healthy, totally enclosed environment that includes the feeding of the highest quality rodent feed and filtered water to ensure the utmost level of health in our feeders.

About our Feeder Mice and Rats

At The Big Cheese Rodent Factory, we prioritize the health and well-being of our mice, rats, and day-old chicks. To guarantee optimal nutrition, we feed our mice and rats a specialized, custom rodent diet exclusively created for us by Purina. After several years of use, we’ve determined that it’s the finest diet available on the market. Our state-of-the-art water delivery and filtration system ensures that our rodents always have access to filtered water.

How We House Our Feeder Mice and Rat Colonies

Our feeder mice and feeder rats are housed in eco-friendly dwellings lined with pure aspen wood bedding, specially formulated for use as contact bedding material. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t use by-products – our bedding is manufactured directly from aspen wood. To maintain the health of our colonies, we routinely clean and sanitize their habitats.

How We Package Our Frozen Feeder Mice, Rats, and Day Old Chicks

The Big Cheese Rodent Factory is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality frozen feeder mice, frozen feeder rats, and feeder day-old chicks. Our animals are carefully selected by trained professionals and hand-packaged to ensure that you receive only the finest stock. To extend the shelf life and guarantee freshness, all of our feeders are vacuum-packed in Cryovac bags. Smaller feeders are pre-frozen before packaging to prevent clumping or blocks of frozen rodents, making them easier to handle during feeding. Larger feeders are packaged on foam trays to prevent clumping and make them easier to store in your freezer. Vacuum packaging also helps to maintain the nutritional content of our rodents, prevent freezer burn, and ensure freshness. Thanks to our Cryovac vacuum packaging, our rodents have a shelf life of up to 2 years. We have up to 8 shipping box sizes, so there’s plenty of options to pick. Choose from our selection of pinkies, fuzzies, pups, adults, and jumbos, and weaned rodents today!

We Ship Our Products

The Big Cheese Rodent Factory ships our products directly to you. Visit our Quote page and get an instant quote for the quantities and products you want to buy today!