Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we have a minimum order of one package. Our rodents come in packages of 50 or smaller. Please see our products sections for package quantities.

Do you have any guarantee on frozen shipments?

We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee including guaranteed frozen delivery on all products.

Do you sell live mice and rats?

We do sell live rodents but unfortunately we cannot ship them. We do allow live animals to be picked up at our main headquarters located in Fort Worth, TX. There are restrictions for these orders so please call our offices at 817-926-3300 for further information.

Do you ship feeder rodents internationally?

Yes, we do ship rodents internationally, but some restrictions apply. Please call our sales office at 817-926-3300 for more information.

How are your feeder animals packaged?

Small rodents are frozen before packaging to prevent clumping or blocks of frozen animals. Our larger animals are packaged on foam trays so that they are easier to store and separate for feeding. All of our products are vacuumed packed in top of the line Cryovac bags to maintain the vitamin and nutritional content of or rodents. Vacuum packaging also prevents freezer burn and ensures freshness.

How do I thaw out the frozen feeder rodents?

You must ensure that the feeder animal is completely thawed before offering it to your reptile or bird of prey. There are several methods for thawing but the one we normally recommend is to place the item to be thawed in an air tight plastic bag and then to float the feeder rodent in WARM water long enough to ensure that there is no frozen matter remaining in the center. Take caution not to use hot water. It can potentially damage the feeder animal. NEVER use the microwave to defrost the animal. You should never re-freeze any feeder that has been thawed.

How do you process your feeder animals?

Our rodents are humanely euthanized with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

How long will the frozen feeder animals last in the freezer?

Our rodents have a shelf life up to 2 years when completely sealed in our Cryovac bags.

How should I dispose of the remaining dry ice from my shipment?

Using suitable hand protection, place the remaining dry ice in an UNCOVERED plastic or metal container and allow it to sublimate/evaporate in a secure well-ventilated area.

Must I sign for my shipment when it’s delivered?

No, all of our shipments are sent no signature required.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For our customer’s convenience, we accept all major credit cards, check, money orders and PayPal. Our PayPal address is For information about paying via check or money order please contact our offices at 817-926-3300.

What precautions should I take with the remaining dry ice from my shipment?

Dry ice is extremely cold (-109 F) so gloves and protectant clothing should be worn during handling to prevent burns. Do not store in glass or tightly closed containers. Do not enter confined areas where dry ice has been stored until the area has been properly ventilated. Never allow children to handle or play with dry ice.